At South Gippsland Jewellers we want to establish a long lasting connection with our customers. To achieve this we provide an outstanding range of aftercare for our clients post purchase by way of jewellery maintenance and watch repairs. All watches purchased at South Gippsland Jewellers are covered by the manufactures warranty period in which you may enlist to have your watch fixed for any issue in our store.It is recommended you only entrust the maintenance and repair of your watch to an authorised watchmaker who has been trained to conduct the correct service on your timepiece, and who has the correct parts and seals. Our on-site watchmakers combined have over 85 years experience in repairing and restoring watches.



Create whatever your imagination desires - Our designers will make your dreams come true. South Gippsland Jewellers will create a design that is truly unique.When shopping around for the perfect piece of jewellery or engagement ring to add to your collection you may find many styles that are similar to what you have in mind, but none that are "perfect". Dont settle for almost perfect! Our talented specialist designer will help you to create a design based upon your vision and budget.


Have you ever thought about making something new from something old? Repurpose your old or broken jewellery - turn them into something new that suits your unique style.Some special pieces of Jewellery may have great sentimental value - our jewellers can create something beautiful whilst still retainng its special qualities.

Jewellery Insurance


As Q Certified Jewellers we are proud to be able to offer specialist jewellery insurance. From the moment you leave us, you can be sure you have global protection for your prized possession, with Q Report Innovative Jewellery. Click here to find out more.


  • Remove jewellery before entering any aquatic environment, while conducting cleaning tasks or while doing exercise.

  • Thoroughly dry your jewellery with a clean, dry and soft cloth once it has been exposed to water.

  • Makeup, Perfume and hairspray can damage your jewellery. Make sure that your accessories are the last to be put on.

  • Make sure that your jewellery is the first thing to come off before getting undressed.

  • Gently wipe your jewellery clean to remove skin oils and makeup.

45 years of Custom Jewellery

At South Gippsland Jewellers your jewellery can be customised and designed to suit your needs and taste. Whether it is for an Engagement, an Anniversary or just want an expression of your creativity. South Gippsland Jewellers with on site Jewellers who can work through the process of creating the perfect Jewellery piece for you. Whether it is Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires or any coloured stone of your choosing. South Gippsland Jewellers can source stones locally or even international if required.

This year we are celebrating 45 years and over those years, 1000s of one custom piece have found their way to our delighted client’s hearts. A one-off custom piece of Jewellery may by exactly what you a looking for, from start to finish you will be a part of the process. At South Gippsland Jewellers we can make your ideas and dreams into reality.

Custom Design Jewellery

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