Celebrating 40 Years

South Gippsland Jewellers has been an established family business since 1975 and a proud member of Showcase Jewellers since 1990.

The business was first established by Peter and Elizabeth Van Den Broek, in partnership with current owners Gis and Toni Van Den Broek. In early 1980, Gis and Toni took ownership and have preserved the South Gippsland Jewellers reputation as one of the largest diamond ring, watches and jewellery stockists in Cranbourne. When South Gippsland Jewellers joined Showcase, it united with a buying group of over 310 stores. This has helped expand the business and provide a vast range of high quality jewellery to customers at competitive prices.

What makes South Gippsland Jewellers truly unique is their knowledgeable staff, some of whom have been with the company for forty years. Their team consists of jewellers, qualified watchmakers. This makes South Gippsland Jewellers the place to seek out when you are in need of quick, onsite repairs to your precious pieces. Not only this, but they provide a jewellery design service in order to create a unique gift for you or someone special.

South Gippsland Jewellers has the knowledge and the skill to provide you with the highest quality jewellery and the expertise to care for your jewellery in the future.

Visit South gippsland Jewellers Store
Visit South gippsland Jewellers Store
Visit South gippsland Jewellers Store